Seaside resort B.B.Q. Minamichita Aichi

<B.B.Q. for ALL seasons>


*You can reserve whole year!!

*Just bring yourself!  You don't need to bring anything for BBQ!

*You can swim in the private beach in Summer.

  The beach is in front of the BBQ place! We can see there from the window!


*Please make reservation or ask us about the detail by e-mail!




<meat plan  \3000/person>

(BBQ menu) Chita Beef / Chita Pork / Jerk Chiken / Sausage /

                   Grilled Potato Cheese Wrapped in foil / Vegetables

(side menu) Onigiri / Fried potato / Seafood Salad / Fried Chiken / Edamame /


<seafood plan \3300>

(BBQ menu) Scampi / Shellfish (on Season) /Fish / + meat plan

(side menu) same as meat plan


*It's not include drink fee.

*If you reserve plan \3000 and over 8 people, you can bring any alchole and drink free.

*The space for BBQ is for 3 hours.


<stuff for rent free> *You can lent if you clean up by yourself.

 BBQ set / burning coal / dishes / glasses / cuve ice / chopsticks / knives and forks /

 cooler box(please reserve if you need) / any stuff what you need

BBQ space for rent

<BBQ space>


*Can reserve whole year!   Outside is only summer!

*You don't have to bring BBQ outfit!

  You just bring food, drink and yourself!!


<Fee> ~4:00pm

*\10,000 (~10 ppl)

*+ \1,000 / person (over 11 ppl)


<Fee> 4:00pm~

* You need \500/per for bringing drink.

  ※You don't need it if you order.